Scenario one

Real-time driver assistance system

Scenario two

Wireless real-time motor synchronisation system for Industry 4.0

Scenario three

Real-time network allowing that musicians located far away can jam together

Scenario four

Real-time motion detection adapting music to dance style and beat

Scenario five

Real-time controlled exoskeleton based walking aid

Scenario six

Movie-making causes large data files, the dinosaur comes with heavy steps in Jurassic Park movie

Scenario seven

Ultra-fast internet to download large files in short time

Scenario eight

Technology risk consideration, too much digital and communication may cause burnout


  • Pianist and music-improvisation: Andreas Scotty Böttcher
  • Project idea, picture descriptions and producer: Frank Ellinger
  • Picture illustrations: Yiannis Stilos
  • Booklet layout and assistance in project management: Felix Schwarze
  • Recording: Andres Seidel

möchte durch Echtzeitfähigkeit die Lebensqualität der Menschen erhöhen. Echtzeitfähigkeit heißt, dass Technik in Zukunft ohne merkliche Verzögerung funktioniert.